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The Unreluctant Fundamentalist | International HeraldTribune

May 15, 2010

A study done by Peter Bergen and Swati Pandey in 2005 found that in a random sampling of 75 terrorists involved in attacks against the West, ...

Listen to the Arabs

  • By
  • Parag Khanna,
  • New America Foundation

A gathering of the Arab League tends to bring out the worst of Middle Eastern stereotypes: dysfunctional protocol, empty exhortations denouncing Western evils and pointless acrimony.

Yet this week’s summit in Tripoli could mark a turning point. The Arab League is increasingly serious and confident, floating the kind of proposals America should back rather than block.

Obama Needs a 'Plan B'

  • By
  • Anatol Lieven,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Aleeha Lodhi
December 9, 2009 |

The key question to ask about President Obama’s military surge in Afghanistan is, “Where is Plan B?”

In other words, if the extra troops do not reverse the Taliban momentum and the Afghan governance structure and army cannot take over from the United States in the next few years, what then?

Equally importantly, how does Obama hope to prevent increased U.S. pressure on Pakistan from further destabilizing that country and risking a much greater disaster for the region and the world?

US to Give $900 Million in Aid to Gaza | International Herald Tribune

February 23, 2009
But even if the bulk of the money goes to Gaza, it will do little good unless Israel first opens the border crossing into the territory, said Daniel Levy, a senior fellow at the Century Foundation, a research organization in Washington. ...

Tocqueville on the Bush Years

  • By
  • Ted Widmer,
  • New America Foundation
January 12, 2009 |

It takes time to assess a presidency.

Harry S Truman left office reviled, only to enjoy huge popularity after colorful biographies were published, decades later.

Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace, but enjoyed partial success burnishing his credentials as a foreign policy sage.

Bill Clinton left office after surviving impeachment, but has earned high marks for his charity work since then, despite some bumps in the 2008 campaign.

Daschle Pledges a Bipartisan Reform of Heath Care System | International Herald Tribune

January 8, 2009
Jacob Hacker, a professor of political science at the University of California, Berkeley, said the new option was essential to the success of Obama's effort ...

Across the Globe, a Cautious Welcome for Clinton | International Herald Tribune

December 2, 2008
But others, like Jorge Castañeda, Mexico's former foreign minister, and Julio Burdman, an Argentine political analyst, said her knowledge of and interest in ...

Heeding the Lessons of Another War

  • By
  • Anatol Lieven,
  • New America Foundation
  • and Maleeha Lodhi
October 1, 2008 |

Forty years ago, the United States began to mount raids into Cambodia and to undermine the government of King Sihanouk in order to cut Vietcong supply lines.

As a result, America's war with Vietnamese Communism spread into Cambodia, leading to the triumph of the Khmer Rouge and the Cambodian genocide. But these horrors occurred after the U.S. itself had quit Vietnam and after the U.S.-backed regime in South Vietnam had collapsed. Washington's widening of the war benefited neither America nor its local allies.

China's Robber-Baron Ways

  • By
  • Steven Hill,
  • New America Foundation
September 23, 2008 |

Only a short time after China's magnificent Olympic coming-out party, the land of Mao's successors found itself making less celebratory news.

"Tainted Milk Formula Sickens Thousands of Chinese Infants" read one of many recent headlines. Twenty-two companies that produce or distribute milk powder had been secretly adding melamine, normally used for making plastics and glue, into milk powder, making thousands of infants sick and causing several deaths.

Urgent Aid for Pakistan

  • By
  • Anatol Lieven,
  • New America Foundation
September 7, 2008 |

The Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Senator Joe Biden, has drawn up an excellent long-term plan for the United States to help Pakistan economically, thereby strengthening the state against Islamist extremism.

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