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Scanning files is easy

Published:  April 6, 2012

It's been a quiet week in D.C. so we decided to explore one of the arguments being advanced around the  proceeding at the FCC related to bringing broadcaster public files into the 21st century.

Broadcasters have argued that

"While the Commission may be correct that parts of the public file can be uploaded to the Commission’s website with relatively few difficulties, there are significant reasons to believe that the Commission’s overall online public file proposal can be unduly burdensome unless it is carefully designed and managed. For instance, as NAB pointed out in its earlier comments, history suggests that, given the massive amount of data involved, delays and difficulties associated simply with uploading the data onto the Commission’s website should be expected. Further, there are unresolved questions relating to what format will be used for uploading data and how metadata should be treated."

With that in mind we scanned the websites of 30 broadcasters across the country. We wanted to find out if broadcasters were already placing files on line and it turns out that 28 of the 30 station were placing online equal employment opportunity materials as pdfs. In total 29 of them were using pdfs and some are scanned copies of printed materials. If you're interested click on this link.

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