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Is Media Consolidation in the Public Interest?

January 31, 2013
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How does media consolidation affect women and minority ownership opportunities and local reporting?  Experts debate proposed FCC rules, at forum on “Media Ownership and the Public Interest.”

Could Dora the Explorer upload a public file? We think the answer is yes

July 27, 2012

Authors: Kristian Davis Bailey and Jason Smith

On Tuesday, July 17 we attended the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) demonstration of their new online interface for the uploading of television broadcasters’ “public inspection files” (PIFs).  [A video of the demonstration has been archived on the FCC’s website and is available here.]

When student reporters seek broadcaster transparency, it is surprising what they find

April 27, 2012

Our work at the Media Policy Initiative has been in support of both broadcaster transparency and advancing the idea that journalism schools can be news producers, so we couldn’t have been happier when the two ideas intersected in a piece produced by Kent State University undergraduate and

Scanning files is easy

April 6, 2012

It's been a quiet week in D.C. so we decided to explore one of the arguments being advanced around the  proceeding at the FCC related to bringing broadcaster public files into the 21st century.

Broadcasters have argued that

Bringing Broadcaster Public Files into the 21st Century

February 13, 2012

(Welcome to visitors from Bill Moyers' site. If you want to help collect public files please email me at glaisyer@newamerica.net.)

New Tools for Today's Investigative Journalist

October 14, 2011
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Originally posted on DanBlah.com and cross posted from the Open Technology Initiative.

While I am by no means a seasoned investigative journalist, I have the good fortune to work with some. Looking ten years back I couldn't imagine a media organization considering geek qualifications a core part of an investigative team. In 2011, turning a geek into an investigative journalist is a no-brainer.

Turn Up The Radio: Fostering Community Media Collaboration

August 5, 2011
Putting up the new 95. 7 antenna, courtesy davis.media.access, Flickr, under Cre

“Community radio is 10% radio and 90% community,” Jeff Shaw says. Speaking at a workshop about bringing together the worlds of low-power FM (LPFM) radio and public access television, Shaw drew this key lesson from his long career as a community media provider. The quote, he added, was inspired by community radio advocate Zane Ibrahim, founder of Bush Radio in Cape Town, South Africa. “It’s not necessarily the tools that are used--it’s about engaging with the community,” Shaw said.

The importance of community engagement was also a major theme for others at the workshop, which was presented at last week’s Alliance for Community Media Conferencein Tucson, Ariz. Titled “Turn Up the Radio: Exploring Collaborative Opportunities for PEG and LPFM,”  it featured a variety of lessons for how LPFM advocates and Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) Access TV providers could benefit from working together more closely.

Lessons Learned from the Fight for Low-Power FM Radio: A Dream that Never Died

June 23, 2011

Hannah Sassaman, a Field Analyst with the Open Technology Initiative a board member at Allied Media Projects and a longtime organizer at Prometheus, wrote and adapted these thoughts in anticipation of the workshop she and others will be leading at the Allied Media Conference, Building a Movement with Media Policy Campaigns.

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